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EPS Trophy 2019

On Sunday 10th March, the second multidisciplinary sporting event occurred within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. After receiving both interest and support from all 33 EPS societies, the EPS Trophy was made a reality thanks to the generous support and funding from the Alumni Impact Funding scheme, who aim to support many different activities and groups within the college.

The day consisted of tournaments for football, netball and this year, touch rugby was also added. The winner of each tournament received a trophy but the most important and most coveted prize was the EPS Trophy itself for the team with the most combined points across all competitions. Astoundingly, there were over 300 competitors who played throughout the day from 14 different student EPS societies and even 1 alumni team. These teams were: Alumni EPS, BUCES, BUMS, Brum Eco Racing, ChemSoc, CivSoc, CSS, Eagles Hockey, EPS Mixed Netball, MathSoc, MechSoc, NucSoc, PPS, WISE and UBRacing.

In contrast to last year’s event, the sun was shining, temperatures were mild and there was a great music playlist blasting through the speakers adding to the positive and energetic atmosphere on the pitches. Many people were smiling and laughing with their peers throughout the day and despite it being a competition, there was a definitive sense of community and comradery. The EPS Trophy is quite a unique and special event due to the fact that it brings people from the entire College together.

Of course, we have to mention the ultimate winner of the EPS Trophy 2019...and in fact, this year, for the first time ever, there was a joint winner. Congratulations to MathSoc and MechSoc for their tremendous win (35 points)! Upon this announcement, there were cheers all around, lots of hugging and jumping and the bubbly was opened too.

The EPS Trophy truly is a fantastic celebration of the skills, diversity and charisma within the College. We spoke to some of the organisers of the event who said that the event was ‘a true celebration of college spirit’ and ‘a privilege to organise and witness so many people enjoying themselves’. They would like to extend their gratitude once again to the Alumni Impact Fund, as ‘the event could not have taken place without them. Without their generosity, [they] wouldn’t have been able to make the event as successful as it was.’

There are several other groups and individuals who were important and need to be thanked. The event was attended and assisted by Teach First, St John’s Ambulance, Tech Services, Red Bull, with Josh Hinds as the official photographer and 9 student referees.

SATNAV would then love to extend our sincere congratulations and give a massive shout out to those that helped organise the event. Along with this, they organised a pub quiz back in January where they managed to raise £106.93 for Cardiac Risk in the Young. They have done such a fantastic job and should be very proud. We wish them all the best of luck with continuing this legacy next year and for many years to come.

From Issue 18

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